VR Hurricane Ride

VR Hurricane Ride is the fantastic ride to explore the world of Virtual Reality.

Omni Virtual Reality

Omni Virtual Reality is one of the top fun attractions in Funzilla. The only way to run around is in virtual reality. Turn 360 degrees and run at full speed IN THE GAME.

Indoor 2-level Electric Go Karts

Zoom through an intricate course on your speedy go kart. Tackle the terrain and zip around your opponents, waving as you pass by. Push that pedal!

Karts are double seaters as well!!
Minimum height to drive is 54”
Passenger must be between 36” to 53”

Trampoline Dodgeball

Pump up your arms and clutch that ball, ready to make it sail through the air. Jump and dodge the opponent’s attacks. Be the last one standing.

Dunk Lanes

Bounce your way to the basket and fly through the air to dunk like a superstar! Show off your skills and reach for the sky.

Air Bag Jump Lanes

Flop onto the comfort of an air bag after flipping through the air like a professional acrobat. Have fun jumping as high as you can!

Freestyle Court

Let loose on the freestyle court, bouncing around without a care in the world. Let your imagination run wild as you flip, bounce, and jump!

Tumble Lanes

Do you have a lot of energy that you need to release? Tumble down the lanes and show off your extreme acrobatic skills with flair.

Foam Pit

Squish yourself deep into the exciting foam pit! Roll around in relaxation, taking a break from the adrenaline rush. Restore your energy before you’re back at it.

Battle Beam

Take on the fiercest opponents with the battle beam! Hit, dodge, and jump, avoiding the foam pit below. Keep a sharp eye out for the fatal blow!

Ninja Obstacles Course

Do you have what it takes to complete our ninja obstacle course? Show off your swift moves and tactical skills with ease! Embrace your inner ninja.

Read our blog: Tips to Cross All Ninja Warrior Obstacles

Climbing Walls

Climb to the highest heights on these thrilling climbing walls. Test your balance and strength, racing to the top in record time against your friends.

3-level Playground With Slides, Ball Pit, Obstacles, Bazooka Air Cannons, Mazes And More..

Let loose on the freestyle court, bouncing around without a care in the world. Let your imagination run wild as you flip, bounce, and jump!

Dedicated Toddler Zone

Enjoy this special toddler zone for your precious baby. They deserve to have safe, exciting fun exploring and making new friends. Bond with your kids!

Over 50+ Arcade Games

Absorb the exciting lights and sounds of the arcade area. Play classic arcade games with a modern twist and win the biggest prizes you desire!

30 Minutes Arcade Card – $10.99
60 Minutes Arcade Card – $19.99

Redemption Prize Counter

After putting in all that hard work at the arcade, redeem your tickets for amazing prizes! Choose the biggest and most vibrant item that catches your eye.